In the beautiful hills of Northport, NY, there exists a place of healing for those that have bravely served our country: the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Within the walls of this medical facility, veterans of all ages – spanning decades of wars – come to heal from their physical and psychological wounds. In addition to becoming a home away from home for recovering veterans, the Medical Center is also visited by the veterans’ families, people who have been through the ups and downs of deployments, injury, and healing.
The veterans alive today understand the sacrifices they have made – and they understand, honor, and respect the sacrifices of those that served before them. There, in Northport, at the Medical Center, exists a place of tranquility and safety for our veterans – and for all visitors – to reflect on these sacrifices and our nation’s great history. In 2009, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Garden was constructed. Building upon this Memorial Garden, a stage and patio was added in 2011…and now we have added the third and final phase of this project: The Wall of Wars.